Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Looking for Lace......

I am in the middle of making corsages for an order to be completed by the end of January.  I decided that I needed to find some of my more precious pieces of lace to dye.  Easier said than done, and thereby hangs a tale!  Looking through my various boxes, hampers and suitcases led me to waffle away an afternoon.  However, sorting through my stash of gorgeous crochet trims, doilleys, traycloths, lace etc etc.. I came across many unexpected treasures that I had forgotten about.  Sorting does have an upside, although there is always that moment when surrounded by all the debris that you wished you have never started!  I knew I had a few pieces of very fragmented exquisite lace and boy were they elusive!  Why is it always the last box you look in?  The upside I suppose is that you organise (try to) while you search hence this very, very smart box of trims....

a little box of beauty

Whilst sorting I came across my degree show pieces which I sorted into a lovely old suitcase given to me by my friend Elaine's mother...

a lovely tattered and battered case

gorgeous interior paper design

I found a beautiful vintage collar which I had temporarily misplaced (along with another dozen things!)  I bought this in The Kasbah (no not in Morocco) a local furniture emporium.  I found this in the bottom of a banana box amongst crochet doilleys and tablecloths.  My heart skipped a beat when I found this little gem and it was purchased along with a few little other pieces and I knew immediately that I would never part with it.  I am thinking of keeping it the natural colour but maybe dip-dyeing it a little darker on the edges to give it a more time worn appearance.  Apologies for the quality of the images, the light is so poor at the moment.

Betty volunteered to wear the collar

I think I will just make some simple ties to fasten the collar

my favourite detail - the little circles

Better get back to the dye pot, my lovely treasured fragments are soaking.....  until next time Jayne x

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sacred Songs and Solos

Last weekend my flea market purchase was a tattered and torn copy of Sacred Songs & Solos by Ira D. Sankey.  It was developed by Ira D. as a resource for his concerts and revival meetings in the late 19th century. This collection is still popular today, with a wide selection of hymns and songs on many different themes.

beautiful time worn cover...

The pages are very loose and many have disintegrated and browned with age.  It is the fragments that drew me to the book.  Many little pencil notes have been made inside the book and on the back inside page a few favourites have been noted.....

tiny pieces of the back page remain

an ideal backdrop for photographs

some of the songs titles made me smile!

 my particular favourite!

I have been visiting the market for a number of years and some of the stall holders' do keep things for me.     I have mentioned Margaret before, she wears a giant purple hat with a huge ostrich feather in it.  She had what she thoughts was a Victorian bodice - again very tattered and disintegrated.......

the front view

the back view

a label sewn inside

The label looks fairly modern so maybe the garment was a reproduction of a Victorian bodice.  I researched the name, the address and came up with no information.  However, the garment is so damaged that I will use all the lace, findings, silk, net and adornments in my work.

I just love it when you manage to find a little treasure or two on your travels don't you? ...............
Until next time......Jayne x

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Christmas is going..........

A lovely Christmas day was had in the Hewison household. All the preparations, choosing, making & wrapping gifts, came together to create a day filled with happy memories.  All too soon it was time for
the tree and decorations to come down, and the cards to be recycled.  The festivities are over for another year and were enjoyed by one and all.

There is something so special about a handmade gift and I was lucky enough to receive some lovely treasures from friends.  Gill P made me a felt needle case, embroidered with a lovely sentiment......

a perfect holder for my selection of needles

A lovely set of metal lantern fairy lights were given the Gill W treatment, she hand painted each and everyone black to match my decor.  They will be adorning my wooden twigs in the hall soon.

teeny metalwork baubles

An unexpected gift arrived beautifully wrapped in baroque tissue adorned with satin ribbons, roses and feathers.  It was from the owner of the shop I supply in Harrogate, in appreciation of my work, such a lovely gesture.  I opened the beautiful parcel and inside was this stunning Sophie Digard crochet scarf in shades of grey, duck egg, cream, pink and peach.  It is made from merino wool and is so soft and comfortable to wear.

tiny little crochet cartwheels

I am happy to report that the wrist cuffs I made for the Gill P and Gill W were received with delight so I can now show you images as they are now with their owners.

Gill P's request was for pinks and purples

Gill W's request was for coral, terracotta and sludge greens

I hope you all had a wonderful festive period and wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year.  Until next time......... Jayne x