Friday, 15 February 2013

Done and Dusted!

Sometimes orders take you much longer than anticipated for no particular reason.  On Tuesday I finally posted my completed order and ridiculously could have skipped all the way home.  There was a lot of extra dyeing to be done, so maybe that is how time ran away with me.  Here are a few images taken using my new 'props'....

large cream corsage using vintage lace and crochet
large black corsage incorporating fabrics and centrepiece from the Victorian bodice
browns and taupes embellished with a daisy and smoke mother-of-pearl button
shades of pistachio
seven shades of grey
I am pleased the way my book enhances the corsages, what do you think?  I have been making another corsage for a 50th birthday present and the lady loved it so much she has asked me to make her a one with a matching wristcuff all in shades of reds and corals.  They dye pot beckons.....
My next post will be entitled - Back to the very beginning.....
Until next time, spring is just around the corner, I saw the first snowdrops in Northumberland at the weekend.  Jayne x