Sunday, 21 July 2013

Obsessions revisited.....

I realise I have been neglecting my blog lately, in fact I didn't realise that so much time has slipped by.  My latest (in a long list) obsession has definitely taken over.  I decided to make some 'Inspiration Packs' using hand-dyed fragments of lace, crochet trims, fabrics and motifs.  I am so delighted to say that they sold extremely well and lots of different colours were requested....

Yellow Ochre
Every container that would hold a dye bath was utilised, washing machine full of net bags containing varying shades, ironing board (yes I did say ironing board!) was permanently on stand by to iron each and every piece once it had dried.  Our kitchen table was littered with fragments to be sorted, pressed and displayed before being photographed.
Rich Teal
Housework ignored, a last minute dash to buy new boxes of dye before the store closed, the array of colours went on and on... my obsession was taking over!  Ashes of Roses, Shades of Grey, Purple Haze, Green Earth, Raspberry Crush, Sea Foam, Sugar Almond, the list was growing by the minute.
Sugar Almond
The hoover was working overtime as I was cutting, ripping and tearing fabrics, trims and lace in preparation for dyeing.  My Etsy shop was left to its' own devices, not even checked as my dyeing gained momentum. 
Shades of Grey
and then - I came to my senses, having dyed enough fragments to stretch from here to California I decided enough was enough!  Time to get back to the real world and actually make something with some of these fragments.  There was a gorgeous set called Bitter Chocolate which was a duck egg blue tinged with chocolate edges.  I had dyed a small amount of velvet which I was particularly pleased with so I decided to make a couple of corsages with it.
the finished corsages
Normal service has been resumed although I do have a confession to make.  At my local flea market I did buy some lovely bits and bobs which are just dyeing (excuse the pun) for a dye pot!

trims and tablecloths 
Until next time, hope the sun is shining where you are...... Jayne
p.s. I have to admit I have an ochre and brown dye bath on the go tonight - ooops, well you have to wean yourself off slowly...