Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The light at the end of the tunnel

I must apologise for my absence.  The last few months have been extremely hectic in this household. Lots of new and exciting things, and some not so.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel thank goodness, so I am back and must say I have missed all my blogging friends. 

One of the things that has kept me occupied is the opening of my Etsy shop, the Inspiration Packs sold so well my days were spent dyeing, washing and sorting fragments of lace, fabric, trims etc.

The new Vintage Eclectic packs have proved popular too.

vintage bits and bobs
I have been sourcing lace and fabrics at my favourite flea market.  This weekend I met a lovely lady who was selling some of her grandmother's linens.  I bought some gorgeous pieces that she had made.

 lovely daisies
beautiful hand worked doilies
I have spent some lovely making days with my friends Gill P and Gill W, on Monday we had a day at my house, lots of tea drinking, home made turkey broth accompanied by a pain blanc from Castle Bakery and for pudding apple, blueberry and plum crumble and cream. ( well girls' need sustenance whilst creating).
Gill P was making her garden flower brooches, Gill W was sorting her boxes of beads, papers and general card making supplies.  Lots of tea was involved, oh and some Cadbury Giant Buttons!!!
A surprise visit from Emily and baby Thomas (my li'l tuppence) just rounded the day off nicely.

 I have been trying to develop some new work and this is what I made on Monday
 duck egg blue kilt pin embellished with tiny trinkets

 tiny star and leaf with a lovely old linen button
ruby red embellished with a selection of vintage decorative buttons
I find myself looking for old and interesting books to buy (not sure why) and I did pick up a couple on Sunday at the flea market...

The Children's Pilgrim's Progress
Philips' Handy Volume Atlas of the World
Gill P and I are having a stall at Kirkley Hall Christmas Fair so as it is in November, we better get cracking.  I have been trying to keep up with facebook, Etsy, pinterest and blogging but there are only so many hours in a day.  If I haven't commented lately, please forgive me.  Until next time.... Jayne x