Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Lady in Waiting.......

I have been neglectful of my blog over the last few weeks.  My excuse is helping my daughter Emily to prepare for the birth of her baby boy.  He is now overdue so we are all on tenterhooks awaiting his arrival. 

Funny how sorting and organising is contagious, I have been delving into cupboards, drawers, stacking boxes - making a complete mess into the bargain.  I have unearthed some real treasures in the process which I am delighted about.

I found all my College work, spent a little time with a cuppa perusing the pages of my sketchbooks - anyone who knows me, knows I do love a sketchbook, oooh and a mood board, and a concept board which is why I have a lot of them  It was so nice to revisit the process in which I created the work I made at Cleveland College.  Very happy days, it has made me think about starting a new book, it always creates inspiration as a starting point for new work.  It is increasingly hard when you are out of your creative environment to keep the momentum going!

I digress, (well it is called the ramblings of.....) I also found some newer pieces I created which I had not managed to photograph as the light has been so poor of late.  A sunny day spurred me on to take images on my favourite prop the lovely old book.  Here are a few of the pieces, definitely still in my grey phase....

 teeny tiny felt, lace & crochet corsages
 Slate grey corsage
 muted tones embellished with vintage tiny button
 my favourite linen button centre
 shades of grey, accents of duck-egg blue, crochet, lace, tatting embellished with crochet pansy
natural merino wool hand-made felt with tiny mother of pearl button centres
I am working on some necklaces using vintage crochet and lace, dip dyed and embellished with trims, lace and of course mother of pearl buttons....
Until next time....... Jayne x