Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Dipping my toe into the water - again.......

After the excitement of the last few weeks, it is time to return to the task in hand.  To sell online or not to sell online!  A dilemma which has caused me many a sleepless night. I decided to ask my new blog and facebook friends their opinion.  I do not know what is making me hesitate, the world of the internet seems to unnerve me a little, I am sure it is an age thing!  I have had a few sales through my blog (thank you, you know who you are).  I am going to do what I have seen other people do which is link their blog and facebook page and post about their work for sale.  Here goes!!

 new - inspiration packs
 shades of grey
 my favourite ashes of roses and grey
rose & wine
I have been dyeing lots of lace, linens, silks, organza, crochet trims, old curtain tape and ribbons to create little packs of inspiration for embellishment, scrapbooking, applique etc.  It has actually taken me quite a while to sort, iron (I know I don't 'do' ironing normally) arrange a complimentary colour palette that I am happy with for each little collection of fragments.  I have been working on a range of necklaces, dip dyed and very delicate - sneak preview below.....
faded pinks, browns and greys (yes I know it's those colours again)
Next task is a trip to the post office with a mock up pack to get it weighed.  I got a template from the post office which has the appropriate slots to identify the method you can send your parcel depending upon the size and wouldn't you know it - the pack will not fit through the letter slot (you would be hard pushed to get a thick piece of paper through this).  So as not to overcharge folks, I am doing a dummy run with said finished pack, oh and then there is sending abroad!!!!!!!
I look forward to your comments.... until next time I will leave you with a little updated picture of our little treasure Thomas...


Sunday, 19 May 2013

Introducing Thomas......

Thomas was born on Sunday 21st April, at four minutes past five by caesarean section.

Emily is doing really well and Thomas is a very contented baby.  We are so delighted to be grandparents for the first time.  We are totally smitten!!!
 one day old

babysitting little Thomas for the first time
Happy, happy days........ until next time Jayne xxx