Monday, 14 May 2012

Happy Days, Making Days and Home made soup!

I have had a lovely making day with my friend Gill  We take it in turn to go to each others houses, drink lots of tea, eat cake and generally put the world to rights.  Today I was finishing things off, I have a terrible habit of having several things on the go at once.  Gill was nuno felting a scarf.

 adding a linen corsage and button to a hand stitched cuff

I took some home made lentil and vegetable soup, Gill supplied lovely wholemeal buns and then a carrot cake slice for afters.

putting brooch backs on corsages

We listened to lovely music, sorted through Gill's button collection and my work box and did a few swops - some gorgeous linen lingerie buttons (a particular favourite of mine) mother-of-pearl buttons for some beads and pins.  Think I came out on top on that one!  Thank you Gill.

more corsages finished

So all in all a very good productive day, I left Gill throwing her scarf into her kitchen sink - all in the name of felting honestly!  I will leave you with a picture of some buttons I picked up at my local flea market on Saturday,  just gorgeous.  Until next time, hope you have all had a lovely day.

displayed in a lovely vintage tin on a wire cake stand (thank you Julie)


  1. wow Jayne, such a lovely account of our day. Went to choir with blue hands but don't think anyone noticed!! Wonder what treasures we will find in Hexham tomorrow?? x

  2. very, very talented... congratulations your shape's!!!!
    beautiful work!!!

  3. Thank you for your lovely comment veronica. x

  4. well done mez!Beautiful as usual! Gill avoid jayne when she has dye baths on the go!even if she does bribe you with cake lol xoxox


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