Thursday, 14 March 2013

Back to the very beginning.......

I have been neglecting my blog of late.  A nasty flu type virus is my excuse.  I could just about manage to download an image to facebook but composing a post was beyond me.  However, after two weeks I am feeling a bit like my old self again. 

I decided to revisit a technique I learnt in my first year at College.  I do enjoy making felt and adding other elements whilst laying out the fibres.  I have been asked to make some small pictures using the techniques I use in my corsages and wristcuffs.  I have never made a picture before so I created some tiny fragments that I could work into with embroidery and maybe some beading.....

felt, silk fibres and lace

an accidental heart!
and another!
seems to be a bit of a pattern occurring here!
close up of fibres and lace
a teeny tiny fragment
I have not been out and about and have missed my visits to my local charity shops.  I found these little gems yesterday, in all my favourite colours.....
subtle spring shades
I love an old bobbin of thread with an interesting label
lovely crochet trims - the dye pot beckons!
and finally a lovely bag of buttons and old blanket labels - a gift from Gill P - thank you Gill!
I hope you all have something interesting and exciting to work on at the moment.......
p.s. Emily and I have been decorating this week, she is blooming, tired but well.  Only five weeks to go....  until next time Jayne x




  1. What a veritable feast of goodies. I've tried added value felting, not a patch on your superb creations though Jayne.

    Get the bugs ot of the way in readiness I say.


  2. Dear Jayne,
    your felted fiber works are stunning- I love the grey/blue heart, and how it is mixed up!- the wool and the fibers and laces, it is amazing -so gorgeous. Your sweet finds, will be wonderful creations,I know,-- and also the gift from your friend, I`m sure will end up in some wonderful art pieces.
    Warm hug, and a lovely weekend to you.

  3. I wonder if you are making something pretty for the baby? A textile picture or a jewel-like coverlet. I wonder...

  4. I love where you're going with these little pieces and what an interesting challenge from your bigger work, the effects in pic 4 are beautiful. Glad to hear your feeling better, these winter bugs are a pain.

  5. what lovely images Jayne, I can't wait to see the finished pictures, I love the hearts especially.....of course....

  6. Glad your over that nasty bug.. your lovely hearts and previous corsages are almost organic so very very pretty, they make me think of delicate seaweeds and mosses.
    Hugs Lynn x

  7. Wow Jayne I look forward to seeing a picture using your gorgeous fibre, felt and lace pieces.
    That hearts is so sweet!
    You have such a special way in combining those beautiful colours that work so well.
    Love your thread finds too.
    Hugs from here and Happy Spring to you!

  8. ooh nasty lurgy, but glad to hear you are feeling better. It's great to see a bit of your process, I love to see how other people create :) Is it really so soon that you'll be a grand mama?! That's gone super fast...I'm curious how many items you have made/knitted/felted for the wee one ;) Are you being a birth partner? Such exciting times xx

  9. I hope you are much better now. No doubt people were pleased to bag the treasures you had to miss.
    Thank you for your comment. This was a piece I struggled with,but perhaps that was my mood.

  10. ~ Ooh pesky lurgy bug, no fun what so ever...YOUR work is adorable....With kindest 'twinkles' **** Maria x


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