Saturday, 29 June 2013

Show &Tell - Woolfest

I do love a day trip.  I am not a good traveller on a coach but make an exception as The Knit Studio in Newcastle organises a visit to Woolfest in Cumbria.  It is held in an auction mart in Cockermouth and it really is all about fibres.  Animals such as rare breed sheep, alpacas, angora rabbits rub shoulders with stall holders, designer makers, spinners and weavers all sharing a love of creating. Gill P, Gill W, Anne, Wendy and I all spent a lovely day meandering through all the stalls.  I always buy lots of bits and pieces to use in my work and yesterday was no exception.  My first purchase was wool tops in two lovely colours.

wool tops for felt making
a dinky jar of my favourite mother-of-pearl buttons
Gill W and I spent a happy half hour on the coach on the way home examining each and every button, there were an awful lot in such a tiny jar!  A few gems included - a couple of hand carved tiny buttons, some smoke mother-of-pearl and a few very large buttons.  
I do love a button
silk carrier rods for dyeing
hand dyed silk fibres from Oliver Twists
a lovely old tattered table runner
All in all a very enjoyable but tiring day spent with friends.  The carrier rods and tattered runner are in the dye pot as we speak.  I am going to try out my new fibres tomorrow.  Until next time.....
Jayne x


  1. What a fabulous event Jayne, I feel so tempted to get back into crafts. Maybe - if we ever retire I will. Though as you probably know, retirement is rare in the antiques business - we just turn into antiques ourselves & then disappear!

    1. It is just a real feel good day, lots of like minded people together sharing a love of fibres!!!! Probably a bit like your antiques business. I laughed out loud at your comment about turning into antiques, how wonderful!!!! Would be lovely to disappear into another era perhaps. When you say you feel tempted to get back into crafts?!!!! details please!

  2. it was a fabulous day Jayne, I loved every second, so much gorgeousness all in one place. xx

  3. Jayne, being the idle soul that I am please can you put a clickable link to your etsy shop, cos frankly my dear, I'm far too grand to do the http//thingy?

    Love Nilly's remark too, just hope she doesn't get a severe case of woodworm or dry rot.

    What a super day you girls had, pity Cumbria's so blooming far North!


  4. All those fibers in such luscious colours... I can hardly wait to see what they become...
    As for the buttons, I think it may be something instilled in our memories from childhood and having spent endless hours with my gramma's button tins.
    Or perhaps just the fact of pure perfection in such a tiny form...

  5. I love going to such events also, Jayne- We don`t have them very big on thios little island, but sometimes I go to Sjælland, and the Copenhagen area to see something special, and buy lovely things, like you did on your Woolfest !
    Alwayes a wonderful treat to see new materials, and have some good deals!
    I love your wool and ofcourse also the buttons and old runner...the silk looks fantastic!!

  6. Hello dear Jayne, It sounds and looks like you had a wonderful day. Isn't it amazing how many women share the love of buttons? Mother-of-pearl buttons are my favorites.
    Have a wonderful day!

  7. What a lovely show that sounds, wish we had something similar in the south. Love the colours of your wool tops.

  8. Hi dear Jane,
    sounds like you had a wonderful time at the woolfest.
    Love the mop buttons:)
    Have a great week.

  9. Isn't it fabulous xx I used to felt many years ago and love to just smell the smell of fleece, and touch the Alpaca and cashmere. Really pleased you had a lovely time xxx
    Hugs Lynn xxx


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