Saturday, 15 September 2012

Flea Market finds - a 'prop' or two!

I do love a 'prop' an item for display purposes. I am always on the look out for the tattered, interesting and unusual.  My usual flea market meander last weekend proved very successful on that mission.
An old and very battered suitcase bought for a song because of the poor condition......

I did say it was battered!
decided to leave all the imperfections untouched
I also bought a lovely little old wooden box, perfect to display my tags in, just the right size.  It has a lovely little paper trim around the front and the back of the inside.
wonder what it used to hold - any ideas?
a cute tin container masquerading as an envelope
I took a couple of images of the venue of the flea market, a beautiful Victorian railway station that has just been renovated to return it to its' former glory. Local people campaigned long and hard to restore what is now a metro station.

exquisite metalwork newly restored and painted
the market is on both platforms - you cross to the other side via a lovely curved bridge
the crowds rummage for a bargain
Forgot to mention, last but not least, a tin I bought at the Hexham Antiques Fair on Tuesday for the bargain price of a pound - a rusty tin, ideal for holding????? think about that later, just loved it though.

the lady who sold it to me said she remembered using it.
some things do improve with age.......
That concluded the 'prop' purchases, just busy making, making, making items to be displayed in them for Living North.  Until next time, the sun was shining today, a clear blue sky. Jayne x


  1. Hello Jayne, That railway station is such a loveley ambiance for a flea market. The metalwork is just beautiful. I'm always smitten with old British architecture. It's wonderful that the suitcase was such a bargain. The tin and the box are great too. Have fun with your new treasures!
    Happy Sunday!

    1. Hi Julia, thank you for your lovely comments. It is so nice that the station has been restored to its former glory. It is under cover too, and with the unpredictable weather that is always a bonus when visiting! Hope you have a good weekend. jayne x

    2. i have a wooden box like this with the same locksand handle hink its a carpenters tool box with secure lever lock anyone kne anything about this?

  2. Hi Jayne
    Love your perfect "prop" purchases - that case and box are fab!
    I can see you playing with these to display your beautiful creations and for taking images also.
    What an incredibly stunning restoration of a very fine piece of British architecture - just Wow! and I have never seen such an amazing venue for a flea market!
    Thank you sweet friend for your kind comment on my new journal "Silent Prayer" also. Created in some of "your" colours also!
    Enjoy your Sunday!
    Hugs to you,

  3. Ahh! Happy memories of the fleamarket and it looks as if it's thriving too. The newly painted ironwork is fantastic. It's well over a year since we last visited - I wonder if there are any "new faces".

  4. Ooh that victorian train station is such a wonderful find, never mind the props :) Love that tin and well loved/battered suitcase. You have an eye for spotting beauties :)x

  5. Thanks for showing us round the market. Lovely nostalgic finds too.


Thank you for your lovely comments, I really do appreciate them.