Thursday, 6 September 2012

Oh I do love to be beside the seaside, beside the sea!

I am very fortunate to live literally five minutes from the seaside.  Four gorgeous beaches to choose from!  On Sunday I found myself sitting on a wall eating a cherry and almond scone in the sunshine, swinging my legs and taking in the view that is King Edward's Bay.....

It is a small sandy beach enclosed by cliffs and grassy banks nestling at the foot of The Priory ruins. In the late 18th century sea-bathing became very popular here.

it is a long way down - lots and lots of steps, not for the faint hearted!
such a lovely day, such a deserted beach!
As I was sitting two teenage boys sat down on the grass in front of me.  I was fascinated as they were identical twins with the most incredible long red hair.  It was the most vibrant and unusual shade and I thought it would make a great blog image, however, I could see the headline (woman caught taking photos of young boys!!!) so decided against it!  I did consider asking their permission but then thought what would they think of me asking "would you mind if I took a photograph of your hair"!!!
Swiftly moving on - to my favourite flea market, I meandered my way there going through the back lanes where I saw this door.....

A sun bleached door, gorgeous shades
a lovely burnt umber peeking through
the windows showed lace literally falling apart with age it reminded me of Miss Havisham
I always wonder about the story of how a home came to be so negelcted, but I did notice that renovations were under way in what I presume was the main room and it will soon be loved again.

multicoloured beer barrels, never seen pink ones before!
purple wheelie bins - yes please.
Next post will show my lovely flea market finds, a few props for Living North which is only eight weeks away - excuse me while I leave you to go into panic mode!!!  until next time hope the sun shines on you. Jayne x


  1. Hello Jayne, I had to giggle about the story of the boys and their hair. Taking a picture of that pretty door was for sure less risky, hahaha. It's wonderful that you live so near by the ocean and can take beach walks. I'm looking forward to seeing your flea market finds.
    Have a great weekend :-)!

    1. Thanks Julia, I did chuckle to myself at the time when I was trying to catch them in my lens, shame though it was an incredible shade of red and because they were twins was even more so. I have always lived this close to the sea and really love the feeling of freedom when walking on the shoreline, paddling in the freezing cold north sea. Hope the weather is kind to you this weekend, we have beautiful indian summer days at the moment.... jayne x

  2. Dear Jayne,
    you live in a beautiful place near the sea, like I do- but both very fifferent, in shore line and all.
    I can imagine you discussing with yourself about taking that photo or not :-) would have been great i`m sure, but I love the photoes with that gorgeous coloured door- such soft and beautiful.
    Love the purple biins,too- here they are all green :-(
    I will write you soon Jayne, I was happy to recieve your note, and will return,- have just ha much on my mind lately.
    Happy weekend-

  3. Love the door that would make a great prop for your up coming Fair!
    As for purple wheelie bins, whatever next...
    Julie x
    Might see you at Hexham on Tuesday?

    1. Hi Julie, hope you are fully recovered from your accident. Gill and I are planning to come to Hexham on Tuesday, Look forward to seeing your array of gorgeous goodies. See you there, Jayne x

  4. A neglected house that looks like that usually means one thing - a very old person has lived there. I rather like peeling paint & faded colours, but won't give up the paint brush just yet!

  5. Hi Jayne, we are both so lucky to live so close to the sea and your photos are great, I can just imagine you sitting on that wall and swinging your legs, haha.
    Yes, you guessed It, that door you discovered, I love it.
    All the best with your prepartions for Living North, it will be great, really hoping I can make it up for a visit this year, would be lovely to see the MADE collection!
    Much love. Tx

  6. I think I would of probably taken that pic of the red hair!! we were out for a walk the other day and saw a couple having a picnic sat between a vintage china cake stand!! I had to take a picture, so romantic, you wouldn'y catch my hubby doing that! anyway such a beautiful door, we have a house down the road that has been empty for forever and had the most beautiful old curtains...took a pic of them as well! I say had as some geezer has come in and knocked half of it down and as for those curtains ,,...well I nearly cryed.

    Have a good week
    love sophie x

  7. So great to see a snippet of your world...had a chuckle over imagining the torment caused by the red haired boys. :) I think the door appeared just to make you feel better! It's is no flaming hair but a cracker of colours and texture all the same :)
    Thankyou so much for sharing a little of your day over on my blog...was lovely to read :)x Big hugs x

  8. Lovely to live so near the sea. I'm sure you will remember that shade of red and perhaps it will pop up somewhere in your work to remind you of them.

  9. thank you for all your lovely comments. jayne x


Thank you for your lovely comments, I really do appreciate them.