Monday, 15 October 2012

Happy Days!

Happy Days indeed.  We received a lovely piece of news last week, we are to be grandparents for the first time!  Our one and only Emily is expecting a baby in April next year.  What exciting news for us all.  It has sent me into a dither (doesn't take much) and I am finding it hard to concentrate on anything! 

mum to be
Very strange how I am now noticing every baby, buggy, outfit, knitting patterns for babies, yarn!  Think I am about to turn into one of those doting grandparents before the baby even arrives!!! Congratulations Emily and Lee.
The Letters.......
I have been unable to read my mother's letters to her as on my last few visits other people have been there.  It was also her birthday so we had a tea party at our house so lots of people were here.  I am intending to read them to her sometime this week... will let you all know.
Until then...   grandma-in-waiting Jayne x


  1. Congratulations to you all! Now you'll have to choose - Granny, Grandma, Nana...?

  2. I was sat on a seat today with one of those usual memorial plaques and the names it gave instead of the usual grandma and grandpa were Oma and Opa, which I thought was very sweet and I immediately thought of you Jayne.
    Emily looks absolutely radiant,
    Hearty Congratulations to you all.

  3. Congratulations Jayne, I can strongly recommend being a graandma!

  4. 'My Gorgeous Grandmama Pie' with a glint of glee in her eye!


  5. Such lovely news, congratulations, your daughter is beautiful! xx

  6. such exciting news...huge congratulations to you and your family. Nothing more joy-full than news of a family addition :)yipee!x

  7. Wonderful news, then there's the buying of all those dainty booties, little vests, and cuddly toys for the little bundle of joy, Lucey x

  8. Thank you for all your lovely congratulatory comments, we are all still on cloud nine. Have seen a gorgeous bootie pattern already! jayne x

  9. Oh how very lovely for you all! Imagine the gorgeous things you'll make! treasures I'm sure. Thinking of you and the letters...hope someone will do the same for us all one day.

    Sarah -x-

  10. Yes I love that from Lettuce Leaf - the suggestion of "my Gorgeous Grandma Pie" - how sweet!
    You have every reason to be over the moon at the moment - congratulations - you have a gorgeous daughter and I am sure you have already worked out several projects for your new little angel grandbaby!
    Thanks for the lovely comment about the Pink Scarf Project. Vicki is such an amazing woman!
    Yes the mohair dyes beautifully just like silk and that reminded me that I have some spun silk and I could have dyed some of that too - Oh well
    another time!
    Sending hugs,
    Suzy x

  11. Congratulations on your wonderful news!!

  12. Thank you all for your lovely comments jaynex


Thank you for your lovely comments, I really do appreciate them.