Sunday, 4 November 2012

Exhausted but happy.... Living North

What is it about attending a fair that is so exhausting? Is it getting up early, staying chatty and cheerful all day, long periods without a cup of tea - or perhaps the anticipation of the whole event.  Whatever it is, after four long days we are all looking forward to a day of doing very little.

Setting up went really well although it did take all day, a tweak here, a tweak there, moving and swopping of props to achieve the look we were happy with. Three of us sharing a table required a considerable amount of planning.  Having a stand in the corner of a room we were able to utilise every single inch - and that we did.  We used shelving, suitcases, vintage cake stands, driftwood, contorted willow branches and even a what not to display our wares.  Betty and Violet put in an appearance although Betty had to don a vintage garment to preserve her modesty as she was sporting only a necklace!

Violet was adorned with Gill's lovely nuno felted shawls and scarves.

Gill Pinkney's colourful quirky felt accessories
Gill Wilds driftwood fish and bird hangings
my vintage inspired cuffs and corsages nestling in a tiny tattered suitcase with dried hydrangea heads to compliment the colour palette
Four busy days followed, lots of people shopping for Christmas gifts for friends and family.  We all were supported by visits from friends and family making it an enjoyable experience all round.  The hard work preparing, setting up and taking down was all worth it.  Lots of cake, mince pies (warmed on the radiator behind us!) tea and sweeties helped us get through the event.
The Letters have been read......... coming soon   Jayne x 


  1. Hello dear Jayne, It sounds like you girls had a lot of fun even though it had been quite some work. 4 days is long, I can imagine that it had been exhausting. You've had gorgeous creations to sell. I love the muted color palette.
    Have a happy week!

  2. what a lovely post Jayne about our Living North Experience, I agree it was TIRING but so enjoyable. Just getting sorted for our next adventure now at Kings School, Tynemouth. xx

  3. Glad you had a successful show,now go and put your feet up!!
    Love Helen xx

  4. Hi Jayne,
    OH I can so relate as I`m getting ready for shows starting end november, and then every weekend untill christmas!!!
    It look wonderful, your setting up, and your cuffs and all looks alwayes so beautiful.

  5. Your stall looks beautiful, esp the pic of the cuffs and Hydrangea. M x

  6. What joyful creations, a great idea to share with fellow crafters. Hopefully you made more money than you spent on mince pies and cake?


  7. Hello Jayne, it looks beautiful, I find it sooo tiring doing fairs, I think it is the adrenelin rush before hand then smiling all day and talking, I get lock jaw!!! but its great fun, well usually :-)

    look forward to hearing all about the letters xx

  8. Looks like a wonderful event - I'm so glad it went well!

  9. It IS completely exhausting isn't it? I hope you are enjoying your well earned couple of days of complete relaxation :) Your stall looks gorgeous, so lovely to see your pieces all displayed together..I would be drooling over them if I had seen them hehe!:)x

  10. Nice that you had company to help you through; not to speak of the mince pies.

  11. Your exhibition for the fair looks gorgeous Jayne. Love your little display with the case full of corsages and collars in all of your favourite colours.
    I do hope all the effort paid off for you and that you have renewed your energy ready for more creating again.
    Fairs are definitely a lot of work on all levels but it is one way to get our work out there!
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Suzy x


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