Sunday, 24 June 2012

Harrogate Home & Gift - the nerves kick in!

Home & Gift....
What a busy busy week, been down to college, stayed overnight at my friend Therese's house and went to Woolfest in Cockermouth on a coach trip organised by The Knit Studio in Newcastle.

The Home & Gift show is in three weeks time (how did that happen?) so the people who have been selected had to attend College to mock up the stand and organise paperwork etc.  My friend Cheryll and I have known for quite a while we had been chosen but did not know any of the details until Thursday.   We were each allocated two metres by one metre of wall space.   My tutor suggested I take all of my textile pieces so a selection could be chosen.  It proved difficult to display my accessories to reflect who you are and what your work is about.  It somehow seems real now and the nerves have started to kick in!  Will anyone like my work, never mind want to order any!  What if no-one orders anything!  My mind has gone into overdrive.  I have decided to treat it as an adventure and I am sure I will learn a lot, meet lovely people and enjoy the whole experience with friends, keep you posted .......

I am sure there will be many bloggy people writing about Woolfest, as it only happens once a year I get very excited (I know, very sad!) about the prospect.  This year I went with my creative friends, Gill W, Anne and a last minute entrant Therese.  None of the girls had been before so I was hoping they would like it.  I needn't have worried, they loved it all.  I love the mixture of animals, fibres, designer makers, workshops, demonstrations, the whole experience is a real treat.  I tried to take some photos of the alpacas (just had a very severe hair cut - a No2 on the clippers I'm sure!) but they wouldn't stay still.  They have such huge doe eyes, a swan like neck and a mop of hair, here is the only half decent photograph ...

Normally I like to have a quick look around and then double back to make my purchases.  We all just meandered and took in  the atmosphere.  A variety of spinners, weavers, felt-makers, knitters, basket weavers all working away on their stands.   It is always very busy and this year there was an added marquee to peruse.  There really was some beautiful and original work for sale.  Jenny Pepper felt maker had the most gorgeous stand, think it was my favourite, driftwood, pebbles, wooden crates, cake stands all used to display her exquisite work.  It is interesting to look at how people display their work and what they use as props!  Talking of which....... a lot of purchases were made in the prop department.

 an old wooden shuttle and a vintage folding coat hanger

I had a thought that a few of my corsages would sit nicely in it.  It really is a gorgeous piece of aged wood with some interesting detail....

I usually buy lots of fibres, yarns and fabrics but this year I blew my budget on one stand!  They had so many lovely pieces to choose from I could have spent an absolute fortune!  I had to bypass an old tatty ladder, I could have got it onto the coach but would have had a struggle on the metro train home Pity!!  I did buy a box and three other pieces which I intend to use for display purposes. 

lovely weathered wood and metal

A mystery object of the mill kind!

 metal ends like tiny keyholes

I have no idea what the piece with the holes in could be (answers on a postcard please) but I did think it had good potential for display, a lovely weathered box never comes in wrong either.  A deal was struck and I was a happy girl.  To finish the day off we had a lovely vegan lunch of carrot, herb and pine nut pasty with home made salads, it was absolutely delicious and very filling.  The coach journey home passed quickly as we all looked at what everyone had bought and oooohed and ahhhd.
A quick drink together rounded off the evening, a good time was had by all! 
Did you have an interesting weekend?  Back soon with more purchases of a linen and lace kind!
Jayne x



  1. eeehhh you an your purchases, what fun!!! Love the photo of the alpaca - so gorgeous. Lots of luck for Harrogate Jayne, am sure you will go down a storm!! xxx

  2. Lovely post Jayne, please put reserved on one of your corsages for me. I would like one of the flopped and faded linen ones featured in your last post. Let me know how much to send either via paypal or cheque. And there... you have you first sale!


  3. Great post Jayne, you certainly had a busy and enjoyable week and it was lovely to spend some together again.
    Life is all about "embracing adventure" Haha

  4. Looks like you had a good time at the woolfest with lots of amazing purchases. Good luck with Harrogate. I would love to come and see your stand. Fingers crossed!

  5. Lovely Post Jayne, Sounds Brilliant!!, definately going to aim to get there next year!! Good Luck with harrogate, no need to worry your work is so unique you have no problems its gorgeous!! x x

  6. I hope we can see your lovely stuff at Harrogate - just found your blog via Letticeleaf.

  7. lovely post Jayne! we will have an adventure if nothing else lol xx


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