Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Making, Mending and Living North

Another lovely making day with my two creative friends, Gill P and Gill W.   The three of us are having a stand at the Living North Christmas Fair in November  (.  We have decided to exhibit collectively as 'Made', and have been asked to provide images of our work.

Gill W is a wizzo with the camera taking very arty photographs, so she was given the job of creative director.  I was chief cook and bottle washer providing sustenance in the form of tea, sandwiches, home-made corned beef pie and for afters strawberries and blueberries with creme fraiche - not all at once you understand.  A bowl of sweeties to be nibbled throughout the proceedings (and boy did they do that - not a fruit gum left in sight!) finished off the catering for the day!  Gill P was quietly sewing her lovely wall hangings and supervising props usage with Gill W.  Trugs, baskets, trays, curtains and cushions were all utilised .  Interior and exterior shots were taken - no stone unturned in the quest for the perfect image.  We are all so creatively different, to marry our work together proved difficult, oh and did I mention it had to be Christmas orientated!  Anyway we did eventually come up with a composition we were happy with.   We decided a simple photograph of one piece of work each worked the best, but here are a few Gill created using a lot of our work together.....

 My lovely rustic wire wall basket full to the brim

A trug full of delights

Heart shaped baskets provided a nice backdrop for this simpler shot.....

Yes, apologies that is Santa Claus making a very early appearance!

Gill kindly took some photographs of my work and let me take some with her super duper camera. 

A wrist cuff nestling in the curtains

and another ....

last one!

and now for something completely different, the mending part...........

I was lucky enough to find a tatty old bag full of gorgeous cards of mending yarns, there were over fifty - someone must have had a lot of socks to darn!

another trug full of delights

I wonder who used that needle in the card on the right?

I love the description on this one - lisle hose sounds so romantic!

a few lovely smoke cats-eye mother of pearl buttons from my local flea market

and last but not least, an image of some buttons to be used on a garment I am working on for Betty, I have hand painted dye onto a few of them.

gorgeous linen lingerie buttons

Show you them in-situ on a later post!  The sun is shining so I am off to have a cup of tea... have a lovely week.  Jayne x



  1. oooh love the pics and imagining which food was eaten with what photo :) Gorgeous goodies..I imagine "Made " will go down a storm :)

  2. Some gorgeous pieces here Jayne. Love your cuffs and how all the materials used to create them marry so well together. Beautiful photography! Well done all round.
    x Suzy

  3. Another inspiring blog post Jayne, especially as I bought some of those lingerie buttons but they were a bit discoloured so now I know what to do to them. Thanks

  4. Gill has really brought out the beauty of your cuffs in her photos, they are stunning!! By the way ....are you suggesting that me and Gill ate all the fruit very dare you!!! xx

  5. Sounds like you all had a munching and fun filled day and productive too, getting organised for your team effort of "Made" in the Autumn.

  6. Thank you all for your comments, I love to read what you have to say jayne xxx

  7. Your Living North table will be lovely and such a mix of ideas and styles.....your cuffs look beautiful

    Didn't see you at the Alumni event....I am rather tunnel visioned in crowds and have even walked past people I know without hope I didn't do that to you!!!! I took my mother along, as a guest, so didn't really circulate (rubbish at that anyway!!!!)so only really ended up seeing Claire who I bumped into at the entrance, Catherine-whose waving did manage to attract my blurry eyes attention, and my P/T group who very kindly came over and found me!!!!
    Best of seem to have got a lovely group organised to produce things with ....looking forwrd to reading about more of your lovely work


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