Thursday, 28 June 2012

Serendipity part II - rain stops play!

Another set of serendipitous circumstances occured due to prevailing weather conditions.  On Sunday I decided to visit a retail outlet via the metro.  The weather was pleasant when I left home without my brolly (big, big mistake) and my journey there was uneventfull.  I had been told an italian linen company (yes you linen lovers) had some stock in the outlet.  I hot-footed to the appropriate section as I had specific instructions from my friend Anne.  She had been a few days earlier and purchased seven gorgeous linen garments.  Since my birthday is approaching I needed no further excuse and I had numerous items back and forth into the dressing room.  I decided to buy three pieces, two dresses and a jacket.  My photography of garments is a bit suspect so I have just taken snapshots of the details....... 

The Grey Jacket

lovely double collar detail

 fabric manipulation on the sleeve

The Stripey Dress

pin-tucked detail on the neckline

The Tunic Dress

embroidered pockets

As I had taken so long to decide which items to buy, the weather had changed dramatically outside and I can only describe it as flash flooding!  As I was wearing clothing of the definitely not waterproof variety this proved a bit of a problem.  The metro station was a good five minute walk away.  I hopped between bus-stops sheltering for a few moments until the rain subsided.  I decided to get off the metro at the weekly flea market (it is under cover) as the rain was torrential by this time. And so the serendipity moment II happened as I had no intention of visiting.  I have a route (sad I know) I always follow around the market stalls but this time I deviated and came upon a stall selling vintage items.  There was lace, trims, buttons, fabrics, clothing, threads, bobbins, patterns, books and lots of other things too numerous to mention.
I bought a bag of trims mostly hand-crocheted and a couple of pieces of lace and a gorgeous very long piece of what I think is broderie anglaise.....

little crochet bundles

an exquisite length of lace

a broderie anglaise trim

I really love it when I find a bag of goodies, especially when you get a couple of gems in there.
There was a lovely box of threads I could not resist, it was the lettering and colour of the box that initially attracted me.....

nestling amongs my Woolfest props

My last purchase was a tiny pixie that I simply could not resist, a purchase of the frivolous kind....

A little linen person sat himself in the props box think I will have to keep my eye on him!

Hope you all have a good weekend despite the atrocious weather forecast.
Jayne x


  1. awww, Jayne, love the little linen chappie and the gorgeous box of threads. Purchases of a serendipitous nature indeed!! Really enjoyed reading this, definitely worth the time and effort!! Hope the sniffles are subsiding xx

  2. My gimlet green eye is twinkling. Being a year-round linen lass, my lust for your buys knows no bounds.


  3. Fabulous linen clothing (and photos)! I think I know that interesting fleamarket well and I wish it was a bit nearer to us.

  4. Where is this Outlet Jayne? I need to know....NOW!
    Love the tantalising glimpse of the double collared jacket and the stripy dress is just fab.
    Julie x

  5. Thanks for all the lovely comments fellow linen lovers! x

  6. can never have enough linen outfits, especially with such lovely fabric manipulation and embellishment. Looks like you had fun even in the rain!

  7. Ohhhhh all soooooo gorgeoussssss!!!!!! Wondering where this lovely flea market lurks?????!!!!!
    You obviously managed to get home before the Metro closed down....amazing flash flooding (and lightening strikes!!!!)

  8. Gosh that weather was epic...I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the news reports. As I mentioned it was stinkingly hot here!
    I am wishing you a hAPPY bIRTHDAY as it is iminent and salute the lovely linen pieces along with the gorgeous lace stash.I am wondering where this flea could be? Hope you are all dried out and are experiencing better weather this weekend?

    Sarah -x-

  9. Lovely finds and nice to get the presents you really deserve.


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