Sunday, 26 August 2012

A sort out on a grand scale!

You know when you are positive you have something and then can not find it - you have a look in the most likely place like your sewing box where the object of your search should live but doesn't!  Sound familiar?  The next step is to search the next most likely places.  If this doesn't succeed the only thing to do is to have a full scale sort out!!!  Into the box bedroom I went, boxes lifted down, storage boxes searched, bags rummaged through, all to no avail.  The elusive item(s) brooch backs!  I even bought ten as spares last weekend, which I would stake my life on putting in my handbag zip compartment - they too have not materialised.  Anyway, an order from e-bay, very nice ones too, 40 lovely antique gold sort of up-market looking brooch backs were ordered and arrived, however, much too small for the required purpose.  Back to the drawing board........

sorting out mother-of-pearl buttons -as you do when getting waylaid
sorted and nestling on my little shelf unit
Well, the buttons got sorted at least, still no brooch backs found!  Three hours later mcuh sorting and tidying of crochet trims, tray cloths, lace, knitting yarns I could go on!!! I decided to give up my search as I had work to do.  Dyeing - one of my favourite occupations..... 
Dip dyeing in my lovely jars

Creating using my newly dyed fragments 


 new corsages

 autumn/winter shades velvet, lace, beads and trims
A visit to my local flea market yesterday saved the day.  My friend Anne has a stall every Saturday and she had some large brooch backs!  Just the right amount that I neeeded to complete my corsage order.  Well, must get sewing these little beauties in place.  Until next time ......... jayne x 


  1. oooh there's nothing like a good sort out and buttons in jars. Glad you finally got some brooch backs to complete your order. Love your new autumn/winter range of corsages, such beautiful colours....

  2. Hi Jayne, I know exactly how you feel! I've given up looking for my TWO recent purchases of those thingmejiggies that de-pill bobbly bits off wool I buy yet another one or live with the annoying bobbly bits. Tx

  3. Jayne I know exactly what you mean when you can't find those pestie little items that you know you had bought - but where are they???
    It gets worse with the more "stuff" you buy! finding places to put those precious little items for that specific purpose.
    Those corsages are just so gorgeous in those shades. What dyes do you use for your bits like this? I very often use silk dyes that I can purchase here in Aust.
    Sending love and thanks for your kind comments recently on my blog re the Lacebook etc.

  4. Those dyes look good enough to eat - sort of fruity!

  5. you should try the embellisher; it was Louise Baldwin who more or less made me have a go - I had resisted yet another process for a long time- but I am so pleased she did as it has been such fun to experiment with it.
    A good sort out is great, as you tend to find so many things you had just forgotten all about.


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