Sunday, 19 August 2012

She loves them, She loves them not, and To Dye For!

She loves them, they have arrived safely!  Phew, that is a weight off my mind, it is always a risk when you are making a commission however closely you work together.  Imogen is going to send me some photographs of her wedding day so I am really looking forward to that!

I am working on the last corsage for my order from the Harrogate Home & Gift.  I am intending to make myself a wrist cuff to wear and then get some work made for the Living North Fair in November.  Gill P, Gill W and I are in the exhibitor's list as....
MADE: Contemporary , handcrafted gifts and accessories
Personalised decorative hand painted gifts, hand felted and knitted scarves, bags and accessories, hand dyed vintage linen and lace textiles.

Amazing how the time goes so quickly!  I have been using up a lot of my crochet, lace and trims for my orders so I had the chance to visit my local flea market yesterday.  A lovely lady called Margaret has a vintage stall and had saved me some gorgeous tiny doillies and trims.  Every week she wears a purple hat with a giant purple vintage ostrich feather in it.  She sells a lot of her antique garments, hats and lace to the BBC costume department for their historical productions.  She is very knowledgeable and it is really interesting chatting to her about the pieces she sells.   Anyway, here are a few snaps of the things I bought from her.....

buttermilk hand worked linen tray cloth

worn putty coloured linen with crochet trim centre panel

very old and tattered applique with exquisite stitching

a pile of crochet doilleys - lovely edgings

hand crocheted trims

and finally whilst tidying my mother's house I came across an old book which belonged to my late great uncle.  A copy of  The Uncommercial Traveller by Charles Dickens was awarded to him in 1922 for History and Geography.  A little family treasure..........

now then, where's that dye pot, until next time .... Jayne x


  1. I'm sure I know that fleamarket - it's ages since we set off up the A19 at the crack of dawn to visit it. Must go again sometime, it's so unique!

  2. Well nilly it has been extended to cover the whole station concourse and it is soooooo much better, there are lots of vintage stalls and bric a brac and crafty items on a sunday and more general stuff on a Saturday, I just live five minutes away so can't stop myself from visiting in case I miss something!!! My sister-in-law and I have had a stall three times just selling our clothes, bags, jewellery etc and it has been so much fun and we have made a little bit of money to boot. Let me know if you venture up north!!!! jayne x

  3. Your creations for Imogen are stunning, dear Jayne! She must have been very thrilled when she opened your package.
    The pieces you found at the flea market are beautiful and will be great parts of future creations.
    Have a lovely week!

  4. yay!..glad she loved her bridal beauties..though would have had to suggest an eye test if she hadn't :)
    I'm drooling over your fab vintage flea market goodies, looking forward to seeing them wearing a new dreamy colour x

  5. oohh!! what lovely finds Jayne, that market really is just full of treasures waiting to be transformed into beautiful pieces. So delighted Imogen loves her bridal corsage and cuff, bet you can't wait to see the photos......

  6. Hi Jayne, great to see your recent beautiful finds. The images of Imogens bridal pieces are gorgeous, you must be feeling very proud, knowing she will be wearing them on her very specaill day.
    Big hugs, Therese x

  7. I must show you the faded, pale blue linen underskirt I bought from her a few months ago...the waist is so tiny!
    Julie x

    1. She does have the most lovely things, I think I might have seen that skirt at some point. She is so lovely, I love her hat! Hope you are well, hoping to catch up soon. Jayne x


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