Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Celebrations of a Wedding and Birthday kind!!!

My posts have been a bit few and far between lately as I have been busy working on orders and a lovely wedding commission.  Here, as promised is birthday pressies part II.....

gorgeous semi precious stone bracelet and earrings

stripey lace scarf in my favourite ashes of roses colour

my lil Emily gave me a gorgeous blue hydrangea

I really am a very lucky girl....... and so to Imogen's Wedding.  I met her at Harrogate Home & Gift such a lovely girl, so bubbly and chatty.  She commissioned me to make a bridal cuff and hair corsage for her September wedding.  She chose several elements from my cream neckpiece which was on display at the show. 

I started by sorting lace and silks and then making some merino wool felt.....

embedded with lace

the bridal cuff

hair corsage taking shape

silk rose and mother of pearl button

to finish the pieces, fabric manipulation, seed beads and french knots and here we have them the bridal accessories.....

hair corsage

wrist cuff

My friend Gill W. is a star photographer so she took a couple of images out in the garden in my vintage suitcase....

A trip to the post office this afternoon and Imogen's commission is winging its way to her as we speak, it has been a pleasure to make something that is part of such a special day, a real privilege, I do hope she loves them.........    jayne x


  1. She'll treasure them, of that I have no doubt! What a gorgeous commission and fascinating to see a bit of the process..have you thought about holding a workshop?! :)x

  2. Thanks Jenny, I hadn't thought of workshops, this was the first ever bridal commission I have received. A lot of people have said my cream work is very bridal though. Will give it some thought! Cheers x

  3. How beautiful, what a clever girl you are Jayne. Just love seeing the process as well. This is what I enjoy about bloggy talented chums.


    1. Thank you so much, was worried about you as you had been very quiet of late, how is the thumb? Jayne

    2. i love them Jayne well done you! I see more wedding commissions coming your way! ya so clever mez :)

  4. Well Jayne Imogen is such a lucky girl to have met you at Harrogate. She will love and cherish them I'm sure. My daughter in law - also Lynsey - had her wedding hair piece made by Katy Howieson from CCAD (who coincidently I taught physics) and she now has a successful business called http://what-katy-did-next.co.uk/ and my daughter in law is in the wedding business hiring out vintage crockery and paraphenalia under the name http://www.thewhistlingbunting.co.uk/ Check them out when you get chance as they could be useful contacts if you decide to go along that route.

  5. I am sure she will Jayne! If she doesn't and sends them back, I will have them, lol!!

    michelle x

  6. What beautiful things! And absolutely perfect to keep and pass on to the next generation.

  7. such stunning images of your beautiful work.....these pieces will be treasured methinks xx

  8. Thank you all for your lovely comments, I'm so glad you all like them. x

  9. Very lovely,I am sure she was pleased with them.


Thank you for your lovely comments, I really do appreciate them.